OCULARIUM is an optometry clinic located on charming Monkland Avenue in NDG. It was founded in 1957 by Dr. Harold Bergman, O.D.   and  includes 3 optometrists and 1 optician.

The mission of  the Ocularium clinic is to optimize the vision of its patients and provide a high quality of eye care in a professional, comfortable and friendly setting. “The well-being of our patients, and understanding their needs, those are our priorities.”


The Ocularium team regularly attends professional conferences to remain at the forefront of technology and provide a high standard of quality.

Dr. Bergman’s clinic also has state-of-the-art equipment to assist optometrists in their decision making and to provide numerous benefits such as reliable diagnoses; a result of high-quality images.

Although independent, the Ocularium optometry clinic is part of a buying group that makes it possible to offer quality products at very competitive prices. Dr. Bergman’s  team of optometrists and opticians advises patients in their choice of frames, lenses, sunglasses and contact lenses.